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☆~Wriggle Boys~☆ ver.3


Wriggle Boys
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Yokoso! Welcome to Wriggle Boys!
A Tohru and Wataru fansite.
A place to share anything about Wataru and Tohru (and anything about 12012!)
So join today!


1. No bashing allowed! This is a fansite for people to talk and share things about Wataru and Tohru and other band members of 12012.
Moderators will remove you from being a member if we see any bashing about the band or members of the community.
Let's all be respectful. Thanks.

2. If you are posting pics, graphics, video clips, PLEASE put it under an lj cut. This is just a formality so that the site won't take forever to load
(especially people with dial-up).

3. PLEASE post a comment if you are taking anyone's artwork, graphics or media AND also CREDIT the artist. Again, this is just a formailty but I'm sure the artist would appreciate it.

4. Fangirling is allowed! ^-^ And very much appreciated! As long as you follow the top three rules we don't mind you squeeling. Be respectful and let's all have fun ne!

5. Please put all media under friends lock (pv, clips, mp3, etc...)

6. Have fun!

About Wataru and Tohru

Name: Miyawaki Wataru
Part: Vo
Birthday: 1980 July 23rd
Blood Type: B-type
Eyesight: pretty bad
Shoesize: 26.0 cm
Birthplace: Ehime Prefecture
Height & Weight: 167cm, 57kg
Ring Size: unknown
Brand of somokes: KOOL MILD
Cologne you use regularly: Don't really have one (that's gross wataru! D:)

Name: Kawauchi Tohru
Part: Drums
Birthday: 1983 April 11th
Blood Type: B-Type
Shoesize: 27.0 cm
Birthplace: Ehime prefecture
Hight & weight: 175cm, 57 kg
Ring size: size 19
brand of smokes: KOOL Mild
Cologne you use regularly: GUCCI rush

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